FlavKing defines the true character of your food. FlavKing-Spices bring new flavour in the kitchen. It fits to tofu, fish, meat, mixed vegetables or salads and it is never boring at the BBQ or in the kitchen while preparing food. Quit your job and become a five-star chef with these refreshing spice mixtures.

What are you cooking today?

Tasty Lemon

The highlight of this spice is the pairing of ground lemon peel, fine sea salt and ground coriander seeds. Additional ingredients such as paprika and oregano provide the balance.

Garlic Lovers

Garlic dominates this unique blend of spices, but also the parsley and basil do not miss on your palate. Granulated onions, ground paprika, pepper, the coriander seeds and thyme give the perfect balance for all of your dishes.


This spice gives any menu again a special taste to the highest level. The spice fits to any food and it does not matter what you are cooking, because it sure is a feast. The highlight of this spice are granulated onions and ground chillies.

Everything Spicy

This spice consists of a combination of ground cayenne pepper, paprika, chili, cumin and much more. It will bring your culinary dishes to a completely new level. Give your dishes the right kick…the heat will beat you in the face!

Source: http://www.flavking.de


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