Approximately one year ago, I bought a new book called “IT’S GIN TIME”. What is special about it is the fact that it is not a classical reference book, rather it is concerned about the values and feeling when enjoying Gin. It is all about the lifestyle, the stories around the juniper spirit.
Suddenly on one page, I was confronted with something totally unexpected – Gin and Tonic and Tea?! I had to read it twice!
This trend from Spain tries to open a completely new flavor and color dimension to the G&T connoisseur by using high quality tea blends that run for a short time in the Gin. Tea gives the Gin and Tonic that certain something. This can be a spicy hot taste, but the blend can be used a simple colorant too.
Tanqueray has already held a Tea Lab in Germany. In collaboration with Klaus Reiner from the Golden Bar in Munich, they trained various bartenders. How does it look in Switzerland? Although I have looked for this Gin enhancement in many bars, I did not find it until now. Once I asked a bartender in Lucerne, he just rub his eyes in disbelief. He may thought I was crazy. 🙂


How does this Gin & Tonic & Tea actually work?
The tea does not have to be boiled. It all comes from maceration, which means extraction of tea drugs in a cold liquid. You pour the Gin into a glass, put the tea bag inside and let the magic happen. Usually 5min are enough, but as always, it depends on your preferences and the type of tea. Afterwards you put ice and tonic into it, stir it, and the Tea and Tonic is ready to enjoy!

Tea Tonic (

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