Last Saturday I was enjoying the sun in Zurich close to the lake. After some drinks it was time for dinner. We went to “Niederdörfli” and suddenly we stood in front of a fancy restaurant we both did not know before: The Butcher! Named like the guy from “Gangs of New York”. And they both serve meat 🙂

The Butcher is a burger restaurant. But unlike McDonalds, it has style and the patties are from the best beef. Delicious! Burgerlicious! Some people claim that it is healthy as f**k, and the best burger place in town.

You can sit outside and watch the life going on in Niederdörfli. The burgers are made from the best meat, and the homemade sauces are a great addition. The Butche Secret BBQ Sauce – Yummie! There you find also local beer, great gin & tonics and homemade ice tea.

Although the food is not cheap, in my point of view it is worth the price!

They will soon open a new restaurant at Metalli in Zug. Opening is on June 3, 2016.


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