Right to the start of the European Football Championship 2016 in France, I’d like to introduce you a really great Gin from this country. It’s the Magellan Blue. It is not the bottle which is blue, but the Gin itself is. After the fourth distillation and just before bottling, Magellan Gin is infused with the Iris flowers that grow from the Iris root. This technique bestows Magellan with a deliciously tempting blue hue.

Magellan Gin is a smooth, refreshing gin that can be enjoyed simply on the rocks or in any of the classic gin drinks like the gin martini, gin & tonic, gin gimlet or the dirty martini. Be creative with garnish, from citrus peels to stuffed olives or maraschino cherries to seasonal berries


In 1519, five ships led by Ferdinand de Magellan set out to circumnavigate the world and explore the „spice islands“. Three years later, only the ship Victoria returned to Spain with 18 people and several barrels of cloves. Sadly, Magellan, who died in the battle during the voyage, never saw the results of his spice discoveries. Those spices inspired the creation of Gin as we know it, and it is to cloves in particular that Magellan Gin owes its unrivaled taste.


Origin France
Distillery Angeac Distillery
Type London Dry
Alcohol 44%
Botanicals Cloves
Iris Root & Flower
Juniper Berries
Orange Peel
Grains of Paradise
Web magellangin.com

Source: magellangin.com


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