A lot of posts are about drinks or the stories behind those drinks. I’d like to share a new thing with you: Frozen Drinks by SchleckDruff. Made in Berlin, now available in Switzerland. No, we are not alcoholics. But passionate to try new things.
So yesterday at Züri Fäscht (took place in Zurich, of course) we got the chance to buy one of those. Available flavors are Gin Tonic, Mojito and Moscow Mule.

SchleckDruff looks like normal ice, but it contains a heavy load of alcohol (up to 11.5%). According the website they claim that the frozen drinks on a stick (popsicles) are supped to match the original drink as closely as possible.
We tried out, and from my point of view, Gin Tonic tastes great. This definitely brings the experience of longdrinks to a whole new level!

Imagine a warm summer night when you’re hanging out with friends. Perhaps you are lying on the grass close to a lake/river or at the beach. There is the smell of ocean breeze in the air. And in your hand – one fancy piece of ice! 🙂

More information on: http://schleckdruff.com/


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