When it comes to cooking, I like it in a simple way. Simple does not mean bad taste or fast food. Many cultures around the world used to cook and still cook in a simple way. One is the filipino dish called “Adobo”. I discovered this dish during my last holiday on the many islands of the Philippines. It’s usually made with pork, beef or chicken. There are also many variations, as everybody has his own taste. My personal favourite is a simple one, easy to make and with only a few ingredients.

All you need is meat in the size of a walnut, doesn’t matter if pork, beef or chicken, potatoes, onions and soy sauce. You can add some red peppers or other vegetables as well if you like it.

As a first step you will heat up a pan and add the meat to it so the outside of the meat gets cooked. Now add the potatoes (sliced in about the same size than the meat) and the onions (which you cut into small pieces). Now it’s time for some sauce. Take the soy sauce and pour into the pan so it covers the ingredients. I recommend that you use a soy sauce which isn’t very salty so you can spice up as you like it. Why not adding some chili to get more heat?

Now you let it cook for 30 – 40 minutes on small to medium heat. Now magic happens :-): the water inside the pan will slowly boil away and what will be left is a nice brown sauce. Once the potatoes are not hard anymore the meat should be done, too.

You are ready to serve yourself a delicous filipino dish which doesn’t recommend you to be a chef and takes only a bit of time.

While cooking steer the whole ingredients every 3-4 minutes so it doesn’t stick to the pan. You have also time to prepare other dishes. What about some appetizers?

Now enjoy and let us know what you think about that!



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