Kraken Rum is a black spiced rum from the Caribbean (Trinidad and Tobago) and aged in oak barrels for one to two years and then blended with 14 secret spices. The rum is named after a mythical giant, the sea beast Kraken.
The dark rum is soft with rich flavours of chocolate and molasses, as well as spicy notes of cinnamon, ginger and clove. The finish is characterized by a vanilla flavour. The beautiful bottle is a replica of a classic Victorian rum bottle.

Origin Trinidad and Tobago
Distillery Proximo Spirits
Type Spiced Rum
Alcohol 40%
Age 2 – 3 years

The rum can be enjoyed chilled, on the rocks or with Ginger Beer, Ginger Ale or Coke. The rum can also be used for various rum cocktails.

Cocktail: The Perfect Storm

Release the Kraken!


  • Add Kraken Rum in a tall glass filled with ice, then top with Ginger Beer and stir well.
  • Garnish with a lime wedge.



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