ORO IBIZA is a Gin made for lovers of this Balearic Island – puristic and full of dedication to Eivissa. According the website (http://oroibiza.com), “The Spirit of Ibiza” is designed for the free spirit of the hippie movement who moved to the island in the 60s, when colourful party people discovered the former pirate island.

Nowadays, from May to September/October, the best DJs in the world play here. The same vibe can be found in each G & T based on Oro Ibiza. The spirit is “touched by Tanit”. Touched by Whom? Tanit is the protective goddess of fertility who is worshipped on Ibiza. Old Ibicencos say that she appears from time to time in the evening sun in the coastal areas of the island, blessing everything touched by the sun’s golden rays.

What is the meaning of “EBUSUS, CAPUT SPIRITUS MUNDI, FELICITATIS EBRIA”? It is Latin and means “IBIZA, CAPITAL OF THE FINE SPIRIT, DRUNK FROM HAPPINESS”. The distillers say that each sip of ORO Ibiza is a sip of happiness on earth. Damn true!

Cocktail Idea: Another Spring


Origin Germany, but with the Spirit of Ibiza
Distillery ORO IBIZA, Hofberg 81, 84489 Burghausen Germany
Type London Dry Gin
Alcohol 43.2 %
Botanicals 12 organic botanicals
Web http://oroibiza.com

Image Source: oroibiza.com


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