The Sloe Gin is based on Warner Edwards award-winning Harrington Dry Gin. The take the Dry Gin still at 89% abv and in this they steep beautiful sloe berries for one month. Later they add sugar and natural spring water, which ultimately results in a spicy and rich liqueur, with a deep fruity flavor.

Why does it state “Curiosity killed the cat” on each bottle of W.E. Sloe Gin? As most distillers do, the distilling duo Warner & Edwards was charged with choosing a name for their copper baby. They faced the same difficulties as parents-to-be regarding to find the right one. So how did the come up with naming the still “Curiosity”?
A new floor had been laid in honour of the soon-to-arrive still. The night before the still was due to be delivered, the team visited the distillery to check that the floor was ready and dry. It was ready and dry. However, there were paw prints of a cat in the floor which stopped quite abruptly, with no obious exit route. It was agreed that curiosity killed the cat. So the still got its name and every bottle pay homage to the curios cat who lost its life while looking for Gin.


Origin England
Distillery Warner Edwards
Type Sloe Gin
Alcohol 30%
Botanicals This Sloe Gin is based on the Harrington Dry Gin with 11 botanicals:
angelica root
black pepper
coriander seed
dried elderflower
ground nutmeg
lemon peel
orange peel
one secret ingredient
and of course: sloe berries




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