Avo Uvezian is the man behind the famous brand “Avo Cigars”. Avo was born in 1926 in Beirut, Lebanon into a family of talented musicians. During his teenage years, he travelled the Near and Middle East with his jazz trio, the Lebanon Boys, following his dreams of becoming a successful musician. He went to New York City in 1947 to begin his studies at Julliard School of Music. However, it lasted only a short time, since he was drafted into the Korean War. His impressive music skills enabled him to play at the Officers’ Club where he was paid $20 a night. After an honorable discharge in 1953, Avo began designing jewelry with his Father-in-Law. This eventually brought him to Puerto Rico where he landed a gig at the famous Palmas Del Mar Resort. Moreover, Puerto Rico was the location where Avo found his second greatest passion – he began rolling his own cigars and giving them away to guests.

With a great demand for his cigars, Avo decided to try his luck in the cigar industry. It is said, that his only five-year daughter gave him a wink by saying: “If they want a second one, they should buy it from you.” The first AVO cigars went on sale in 1998. In the first year, already 100’000 cigars were sold! Avo Uvezian became a composer of fine cigars as a way of life. Creating rare and beautiful moments to be savored and shared by all. Within ten years, AVO cigar sales rose to over three million cigars per year.

Today, Avo has grown to be one of the most revered names in modern cigars.



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