In today’s time, everybody has to perform at highest level; not only in job, but also in private areas. That is why it is important to calm down, relax, hang loose and for optimal balance to devote us to the sweet things in life.
Some time ago, we had the idea of founding our own “club”, since we are people who share similar interests regarding to fine spirits, fine dining, wine, coffee and cigars. Once it was matured, we started this website. The site should help us spreading the philosophy of “Dolce Vità”.

Why do we call us “Knights of Taste” and not “Kings of Taste” or why not “[…] good Taste”? The reason is simple. Knights were a companionship and served a mutual purpose, whereas kings “only” ruled. The purpose of our club is to share and spread la “Dolce Vità”. In addition, “good” is already a valuation. Taste can be either good or bad. It mostly depends on yourself. Everybody is different (thank God!), therefore finds things we do not like as good and vice versa.



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