Nutella Calzone

Welcome to the chocolate heaven! Diabetes strikes again! You can find and download the recipe here: View this post on Instagram A post shared by Knights of Taste (@knightsoftaste)  

KT's Hot Chili Sauce

KT’s Hot Chili Sauce

My chili plants gave me dozens of chili during summer. Of course I had to try and use several of them. I dried & grinded them, made several varieties of olive oils, tried some spicy hot sauces and put the rest in the freezer to keep them longer. One of the outcomes is a hot chili sauce which I really like. In this post I want to share this recipe with you so you can Read more…

How Ticos drink their coffee

Last year we experienced wildlife up-close in Central America. To be more exact: we traveled through Costa Rica. This post is not about travelling though. It is more about the coffee and the coffee culture in Costa Rica. Do you know how they traditionally prepare their coffee? If not, please go ahead and see how it is done. The story behind It all started in the 1700s when the first Arabica crops were brought to Read more…

Coffee Beans

Happy New Year!

So here it is. It’s 2018. Did you make some New Year’s resolutions? Probably you should have made some, because “this is the beginning of anything you want.” We did not make New Year’s resolutions, but created a list of items we want to achieve throughout the year – the bucket list. As you can see, we want to share new and fresh content at least once a week. So stay tuned for more!

Christmas Cookies

Christmas is coming. You know it because it’s that time of the year you have to make some great cookies! 馃巺馃馃崻 View this post on Instagram A post shared by Knights of Taste (@knightsoftaste)

Christmas Cookies

Kirk and Sweeney Dominican Rum (18 Years)

Kirk and Sweeney Rum is a truly stunning rum from the Caribbean (Dominican Republic). It is processed from traditionally harvested sugar cane and aged in American oak barrels for 18 years to fully develop its profile. The name of this rum comes from the wooden schooner “Kirk and Sweeney”, which was known for smuggling rum from the Caribbean to the Northeast of the USA during the early years of prohibition. The bottle and the raised Read more…

Ron Brugal Extra Viejo

Ron Brugal Extra Viejo is a truly stunning rum from the Caribbean (Dominican Republic). It is aged in American oak barrels for up to eight years. Since 1888, the Brugal family has mastered the craftsmanship of producing one of the world’s highest quality rum according to the old family recipe. All ingredients from Brugal come from the Dominican Republic. The special taste of Brugal is achieved by the greatest care in production. Brugal is one Read more…

Ron Barcel贸 Imperial

Ron Barcel贸 Imperial is a rum from the Caribbean (Dominican Republic) and was founded in 1930 by the Spanish family Barcel贸 in Santo Domingo. For the production of this rum only very old rums are used, which were aged in oak barrels for 7 to 15 years. The rum has received numerous awards for its taste, among others it has been titled as the “Best Rum in the World” by the Beverage Institute of Chicago. Read more…

Autumn Recipe: Vanilla Ice Cream with Plum Compote

Brace yourself: Autumn is coming! Yes, in meteorological terms it has already started on September 1, but in astronomical terms it starts September 21. Nevertheless, you obviously can find fresh plums in grocery stores. Since we bought hell too much of them we could not eat them all. And we did not want to let them rot. So what to do with it? Sure! Make an easy but great autumn dessert. Of course you can Read more…

Plum Compote