Was your weekend filled with lots of alcohol-infused fun? If so, it is high time to get back on track! Alcohol can do bad things to you and your body. That is why you should clean your body by using any form of detox water. Here we go with the “Ginger and Lemon Detox Water”.

Adding some of the ingredients below like ginger or lemon to the water can give you wonderful detox properties.

For this recipe, you will need:

  • 1 liter of still water
  • Knob of fresh ginger root (size of about half of a thumb)
  • Half of a lemon


  • Slice the ginger root
  • Slice the lemon
  • Put both into the water
  • Another way is to squeeze half of a lemon’s juice into the water. Same taste, different looks.

This is a great drink for first thing in the morning. Not only will it help to relieve pain all day, it will cleanse toxins from your body throughout the day and the lemon juice helps to release those nasty toxins so they’ll flush out better.

Another Version is the “Ginger Lemon Cucumber Mint” water: http://www.popsugar.com/fitness/Detox-Lemon-Cucumber-Ginger-Mint-Water-25695903

Facts on the ingredients

  • Water: Really, do I have to explain that? Without water you will die, it’s simple as that. Water helps staying hydrated, helps to maintain the balance of body fluids, makes the skin glow et cetera.
  • Lemon: Lemon juice helps to cleanse and alkalize the body.
  • Ginger: Ginger helps to cleanse your system, helps in digestion and settles your stomach. It is also a natural pain reliever.

In addition, you can also add:

  • Cucumber: Cucumber is excellent for re-hydration.
  • Mint: Mint is a little helper regarding digestion and helps settle your stomach. Moreover, it adds a touch of sweetness without the sugar to your water.


There are a lot more forms of detox water. For more information, please have a look at http://www.diyncrafts.com/7075/health/20-delicious-detox-waters-cleanse-body-burn-fat


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