This week I met a former co-worker of mine in Zurich (Hardbrücke) for dinner and mid-week-afterwork drinks. For dinner both of us had delicious wok dishes at Nooch, then we went to Aya Bar for some drinks and having a good time. In my point of view, Gin & Tonic is always a good idea. But there, another drink caught my eye: the Chili Woohoo.

the “Chili Woohoo” consists of the following ingredients:

  • Chili Cocos liquor
  • white Rum
  • fresh peppermint leaves
  • soda water
  • ice
  • and on top: 2 chilis

As a lover of chili and tropical flavors, I had to order this drink for sure. So I did. It tasted awesome! First of all, a light coconut breeze instantly brings you far away and in holiday mood. Then you recognize the freshness of peppermint. And at last, the chili cocos liquor releases its hotness, which spreads a comforting heat across your body. Perfectly done!

So my recommendation: try it yourself! At this bar, or at home.



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