Rainbow Salad

Rainbow Salad

Spring is coming. The temperature outside rise. Time for barbecue? True. Often it is easy to choose the meat you like to put on the grill. But what about a side dish? Salad is always a good idea. This recipe shows you a fancy one! It serves 4 dishes.

Unicorn on Rainbow Cake Roll

Rainbow Cake Roll

Have you ever wondered how it tastes at the end of the rainbow? Well, try this recipe and you will find out! 🙂 The “Rainbow-Unicorn Cake Roll” recipe consists of three parts: Batter Filling Unicorn biscuits You can easily fill the cake roll with anything you like, e.g. peanut butter, Read more…

Sheet-Cake with Berries

Sheet-Cake with Berries

Nature provides us with a wide range of berries. Surely they can brighten anything, so why not put them on a cake? Berries have several health benefits, e.g. antioxidant protects your body against inflammation and free radicals prevents arthritis help slow age-related memory-loss rich in vitamin c contain fiber and Read more…

FlavKing - Spice Mixture

FlavKing – Spice Mixture

FlavKing defines the true character of your food. FlavKing-Spices bring new flavour in the kitchen. It fits to tofu, fish, meat, mixed vegetables or salads and it is never boring at the BBQ or in the kitchen while preparing food. Quit your job and become a five-star chef with these Read more…

Cocoa Chili Chicken

BBQing C3 – Cocoa Chili Chicken

Did you have to look twice because of the title? Don’t call me silly! Don’t be afraid. This combination is delicious! Cinnamon, maple syrup, cocoa – sounds like pastry. However, in combination with chili and the other ingredients the marinade for a fancy chicken is laid. The characteristics of the Read more…