Do you like it hot and live by the credo of “no pain, no gain”? Then this freaking awesome chili is something for you!

2012 it was the hottest chili on earth, reaching more than 1.2 million Scoville (SHUs). The record is above 2 million. Jalapeños taste like sweets in contrast to this beast ( This super-hot chili brings spice to a completely new level. Furthermore, that chili are not “just vessels of Satan’s sweat” (, they have a really great and fruity taste.

Brief overview

Type Capsicum chinense
Hotness Insane (10+)
Scoville 1.2 to 2 million
Flower White (June to August)
Habit Bushy, height of 75 to 95 cm
Ripening From green to orange to red
90 to 110 days
Origin Caribbean

Now you may ask yourself what to do with these super-hots? Cooking/Eating for sure. Basically you can spice-up everything you’d put normal chilis in. Have a look here:

What about “Chocolate Chili Sauce” or “Chocolate Scorpion Moruga Cookies” for dessert?
Some recipes you can find here:

Creativity has no limits! However, always be prepared that it usually hurts twice!


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