Blueberry Scorpion Moruga Peppersauce

Recipe: Blueberry Trinidad Scorpion Peppersauce

This year I gave urban gardening a try and specialised in growing chili. A really hot one: Trinidad Scorpion Moruga! When the fruits ripened I suddenly was confronted with the question of what the heck I should do with them… dry them in the sun, put them into an oil… Nice. But there was more to do. So I tried the recipe for this hot blueberry sauce.

Caution: The recipe uses one of the hottest chili peppers on earth, the Trinidad Scorpion Moruga! For sure, you can cook this sauce with pleasantly spicy peppers to suit your taste. It’s up to you.

The sauce you will get is extremely hot and should therefore be used with extreme caution. Using blueberries will add a fruity taste to it. With the amount of ingredients, you will get an amount of 1 liter sauce in a purple tone.

You can use the sauce on anything you like. We like it on meat, especially on chicken. Or put it on spaghetti… Bet you never had purple spaghetti 🙂


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